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Riva Yachts: Why Is It So Desirable?

Riva yachts have made a significant impact on the yachting industry with their remarkable style and superior engineering. Riva boats have an even more fascinating history, which is no less exciting than a movie!

Riva yachts were founded by Pietro Riva who undertook the repair of boats of local fishermen that were ravaged by a storm in Sarnico in the year 1842. The story that started with repairs of fishing boats has today unfolded into the legacy of Riva Yachts, which is one of the most sought after yacht brands across the globe.

If you are looking at new or used Riva yachts for sale, read on to learn about what makes this yacht brand special!

Originally published at on June 16, 2020

Some Of The Coolest Riva Yachts Of All-Time!

The Riva boatyard was established in the year 1842 after the sudden and devastating storm hit the lake Iseo in Italy. A young shipbuilder saw this as an opportunity to try and repair most of the vessels, winning the trust of the locals in the process. Today, Riva yachts are considered among one of the finest vessels who has gained respect and recognition in no time.

Riva Boat

Riva Boat

Here I would like to mention some of the coolest Riva yachts of all-time:-

Riva Aquariva Super– Aquariva is one of the Riva’s best-known vessel across the world. You will come across a range of strong, elegant, superbly vanished wooden motorboats developed during 50’s and 60’s. Riva Aquariva Super is one of those leading Riva boats which can be best described as a modern classic. Go for a ride and I am sure, the vessel will leave you grinning during each luscious mile in Lake Iseo or any other water.

Riva 63′ Virtus– Class, elegance, refinement are a few words that perfectly des scribes a Riva 63′ Virtus. Besides, it is considered as one of the biggest open yacht featuring advanced technology and design, i.e. Cutting-edge equipments that run through 1360mhp MAN 12V twin engines delivering excellent performance and reaching a maximum speed of 40.5 knots.

Riva 122′ Mythos– The new addition to Riva boats is Riva 122′ Mythos, made of aluminium construction, 35 ton, 7-6 meter beam and with an overall length of 37 meters. Further speaking about the vessel, it is carefully detailed and selection of vintage materials includes leather, wood, and steel.

Riva Iseo– If you are among those who love to enjoy cruising than the 27 feet Iseo open yacht is perfect for you. With this Riva boat, you can travel on both seas as well as a lake. Moreover, the vessel being exclusive tender with water jet propulsion allows cruising even in the extremely shallow waters.

So this is it for now! To learn more about Riva boats or luxurious vessels, keep watching the space!

Lets Get Started With Riva Boats!

This is one of the most important points to decide upon, whether to buy a used yacht or new? In case, if money is not your concern then you can think of new Riva boats available around.

Lets Get Started With Riva Boats!

Sailing around liberates one in numerous ways, in fact, for many of us the waterways have been an important source for millions of people, a kind of escapism from land. Now yacht buying procedures comprise of millions of possibilities, take a look!


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