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Top Features of World’s Largest Yachts

There’s nothing more luxurious than owning one of the world’s largest yachts. Each of these superyachts comes with custom built features that represent creativity, excellent craftsmanship, and opulence. In addition to these facilities, there are several entertaining features and amenities included as well. Right from the mothership to anywhere in the boat, you can experience contemporary and elegant touches that are any sailor’s dreams.

While buying a superyacht, there are a few things that you should consider.

Read on to learn more about the top features of world’s largest yachts

Mega Yachts for Sale: Quick Tips to Buy a Luxury Yacht

Yachts are the ultimate luxury possession for any sailor. Whether you want to cruise Caribbean waters or want a tour through the Mediterranean Sea, superyachts or mega yachts offer the ultimate experience. They are the best way to unwind and spend a memorable time with your close ones. Before you get there though, you need to decide what kind of yacht you want.

Buying a mega yacht for sale isn’t as easy as it may seem. Before buying a boat, you need to consider the cost and research different options. To make an informed decision you can also enlist the help of a mega-yacht broker. 

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Top 5 Pershing Yachts of All Time!

Pershing yachts are known for their powerful performance and superb attention to every detail. Pershing yachts owned by the Ferretti Group, known for crafting luxurious superyachts for more than 30 years. They aim to provide the highest level of comfort to owners and guests. Some of their creations such as Pershing 90 and Pershing 92 are known all over the world for their sleek modern finish and innovative design.
Owning a Pershing yacht makes you stand out from the crowd because of its elegant Italian look and powerful engine. 

If you are looking to buy Pershing yachts for sale, read on to learn more about the top 5 Pershing yachts of all time.

Riva Yachts: Why Is It So Desirable?

Riva yachts have made a significant impact on the yachting industry with their remarkable style and superior engineering. Riva boats have an even more fascinating history, which is no less exciting than a movie!

Riva yachts were founded by Pietro Riva who undertook the repair of boats of local fishermen that were ravaged by a storm in Sarnico in the year 1842. The story that started with repairs of fishing boats has today unfolded into the legacy of Riva Yachts, which is one of the most sought after yacht brands across the globe.

If you are looking at new or used Riva yachts for sale, read on to learn about what makes this yacht brand special!

Originally published at on June 16, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Bertram Yachts


Bertram Yachts is known for its legacy as well as its high-end and highly efficient yachts. It is one of the leading yacht making companies in the world with a base in Florida.

Bertram Yachts was founded by Dick Bertram who won the 1961 Miami-Nassau race in a record 4 hours and 20 minutes in his 31-foot Moppie, which served as the muse for the modern-day Bertram Yachts. Today, the company is owned by Italian corporation Gavio Group, which has retained its manufacturing base in Florida in honour of Bertram’s legacy.

So what is Bertram’s legacy all about?

When it comes to new or used Bertram yachts for sale, it helps to know about the history of the company, so you can better understand how they work.

Here’s a look at the timeline showing Bertram’s growth into the massive, globally-acclaimed Yacht manufacturers it is today.

Originally published at on June 11, 2020


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