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Top 5 Extraordinary Features of Pershing Yachts

When you talk about high-performance yachts, Pershing Yachts are always mentioned. Started in 1985, the Pershing Group has made significant advances in their yacht designs and are now a leading name in the industry. 

They are known throughout the nautical industry because of their excellent craftsmanship and ability to experiment with different materials. Their yachts are especially famous for their powerful motors and high-speed performance. With contemporary features and sleek finishes, the Pershing group offers boat owners the ultimate yachting experience. 

If you are interested in buying Pershing Yachts for sale, it helps to know more about their features and design specifications. 

Whether you are a yacht enthusiast or looking to buy one for yourself, find out about the different features of Pershing Yachts to make an informed decision.

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Top 5 Pershing Yachts of All Time!

Pershing yachts are known for their powerful performance and superb attention to every detail. Pershing yachts owned by the Ferretti Group, known for crafting luxurious superyachts for more than 30 years. They aim to provide the highest level of comfort to owners and guests. Some of their creations such as Pershing 90 and Pershing 92 are known all over the world for their sleek modern finish and innovative design.
Owning a Pershing yacht makes you stand out from the crowd because of its elegant Italian look and powerful engine. 

If you are looking to buy Pershing yachts for sale, read on to learn more about the top 5 Pershing yachts of all time.

Superyacht Charter: Choosing The Right Riva Yacht For Your Trip

Many of us have often thought about taking a yachting trip. However, landing up in a wrong yacht can lead to more problems than the amount of expected fun. Selecting the right Pershing yacht can help you make the most of your sailing trip. Taking the help of any established yacht charter agent will probably be invaluable to finding the ideal yacht for your unique requirements. Below are some basic points to consider before approaching your agent, helping speed the process up. Let us look at some of the points to think about when chartering a superyacht.

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How to Become a Yacht Broker For Giving Yachts for Sale

Come vacations and all everyone thinks of is spending them in the most enjoyable way. Yachting, though not common, is one of most adventurous activity, which everyone looks forward to for fun and relaxation. If you are interested in becoming a yacht broker for either giving yacht charter or Ferretti yachts for sale then read on. The first requirement, to become a successful yacht broker, is to equip oneself with boating knowledge and also gain information about different types of yachts.

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Why Consider Miami Yachting For Your Next Vacation?

Heavens fall here” This is something that I ultimately say whenever I visit Miami. Miami itself one of the largest city is considered as the most diverse and exciting space to head for your upcoming vacation. Honestly, I love spending time here with my near and dear ones, but it would be fair enough to give an unbiased review of the city and its activities -: (more…)