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Few Facts About Riva Yachts that will blow your mind!

If you have seen a Riva yacht then you would have definitely wanted to own one. It is known to be the Rolls Royce f the sea as it is an epitome of luxury. Riva yachts reflect the classy side of a person’s persona and are sometimes as costly as a luxury yacht charter in Miami.

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So what makes these Yachts so costly?

1. To understand why they cost what they cost, you need to know a few facts about Riva and their long history. Below, we have mentioned a few interesting facts about Riva Yachts that make it so different!

2. Iconic Personalities of Hollywood like Richard Burton, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and more were fans of the Riva and each owned one.

3. Riva Yachts had a humble beginning in the small town of Sarnico, along the shore of Lake Lago D’Iseo in Italy.

4. In 1832, Lake Como was hit by a storm which left the ships there, shipwrecked. Due to this reason, the founder Pietro came to their rescue and instantly became a hero.

5. Riva took four generations to develop as a brand that is still synonymous with class and elegance.

6. Not only the stars but the Royals were also smitten by the Riva Yachts. The King Hussein of Jordan, Shah of Persia, and Prince Rainier of Monaco, each had their own Riva Yacht!

7. In 1962, Riva Yachts produced its first flagship boat with Aquarama. It was a masterpiece and a show stopper.

8. In 1991, the last heir of the family stepped down from the company, thus the Riva family’s involvement ended.

9. In recent years, Riva Yachts was acquired by the Italian company, Ferretti Group, thus returning to its Italian roots.

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Why It’s the right time to dock a Mega yacht?


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Having Fun in Miami on a Yacht

Miami is one of the most fun places in the world, with great beaches, an amazing weather and loads of fun-filled activities to take part in to. Yachts are a great way to have the time of one’s life in Miami. (more…)